America is Rooting for the Spurs



This is what I’m talking about.

On ESPN Sportsnation today they revealed who America is clearly cheering for in this seasons NBA finals.

Everyone seems to have the same opinion. Besides the fickle fans in Florida of course who will root for any team that is dominant or doing fine.

The Miami Heat are easily the team I despise the most in any sport. That arrogant, smug king Lebron James who thinks he’s the best player to ever grace the NBA, the decision, you could go on and on. Then there is the Spurs who every NBA basketball team should model their franchise to be. What a likeable group of guys. You have perhaps the best coach ever Popovich, the group guys who play so well together, players like Danny Green who were thought to have no future lighting it up on the back court.

And then there is that team full of band-wagonners. With no Ray Allen coming off the bench the Spurs would be the defending champions perhaps. Popovich could coach circles around Erik Spoelstra.

Credit where credit is due. The Heat are going for the three peat. They can win championships. The NBA finals are better to watch the the stanley cup finals due to the fact Lebron James is such a dominant player to watch and root against.

Last years finals between the Spurs and Heat was the best NBA finals I have seen in many years. Hopefully that can happen again.

Until then I will be cheering for the Spurs and rooting against James. And I can’t wait!


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