Houston Texans Job Posting: Seeking a Qualified Quarterback

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Houston Texans quarterback T. J. Yates passes the ball against the Atlanta Falcons during their NFL football game in Houston.

I recently went to the Houston Texans website and noticed a job posting. Being a fan I was so excited. Were they looking for a sales executive?

No, it said they were seeking a qualified quarterback. There goes my hopes of working in Houston.

When the Texans drafted Jadeveon Clowney first overall it was sort of expected. He was the clear cut best prospect in the draft. Even though the Texans have JJ Watt reeking havoc on the defensive line with Clowney that would make their defensive line even more of a force.

But where is the quarterback?

Matt Schaub has gone to Oakland and it was the correct time for him to leave Houston. He went 2-8 and had lost all of his confidence as a quarterback.

Then came in Case Keenum. Wow. That guy could probably not even make the Toronto Argonauts roster as quarterback. He is terrible. He went 0-8 and showed no signs of helping them steal games besides brief flashes of his rocket arm. Being behind Houston’s mediocre offensive line doesn’t help either. But get him out of there and send him far away.

Then they have Ryan Fitzpatrick who has been shown to be an alright backup during his time in Tennessee. Hardly a starting quarterback. And Tom Savage who they drafted.

Tom Savage is hardly the type of guy in his first year who with all that talent to throw to or hand it off to (Foster, Hopkins, Johnson) can turn this franchise around on offense.

Even with a dominant defensive line they will not go above .500 due to the fact the NFL is so competitive and the quarterback is the most valuable position.

If they do get a serviceable QB, perhaps they can be up there with Indianapolis in the AFC South.

Until then, well, I don’t want to think about that.


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