Steve Young’s Assessment of Kaepernick is Correct



According to Profootballtalk, Steve Young recently stated Kaepernick should “learn to make reads and run less”.

He is right.

As someone who can hardly call themselves a fan of his, Kaepernick has a wicked arm and has shown before he can make some great throws. He runs like the wind and can throw the ball making him tough to defend against.

However, his decision making seems to be lacking sometimes. We saw him get exposed once Crabtree and Davis went down earlier in the season. The Colts made him look awful. The Panthers beat them in a 10-9 game only because the 49ers front seven played out of their mind (as per usual).

If he doesn’t get up his decision making skills he will continue to be “the best throwing running back in the league” as people choose to refer him as.


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