The Lakers are a Desperate Team

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The wheels have fallen off the bus.

Listening to constant news reports about who the Lakers are interested in as coaches or players makes me come to one conclusion: what a desperate, sad franchise.

The time when the Los Angeles Lakers dominated the NBA, the Red Wings dominated the NHL, and the Red Devils dominated the premier league seems like an eternity ago.

I remember the time when it was a tragedy that the Lakers didn’t make it to at least round two.

Phil Jackson left as head coach and it went all downhill from there.

Since he left the team and perhaps franchise has been a joke. Not one conference finals appearance. They picked up Dwight Howard as their last ditch effort and people thought they could be a championship caliber team. Boy did that backfire.

Mike D’Antoni was the worst coaching hire for a team like the Lakers in perhaps the last ten years. Dwight Howard was a waste of a year. Kobe Bryant got injured and never returned to the top three player in the league that he was just a few years back. Steve Nash is taking up cap space but who could blame him when he’s offered that amount of money?

Now according to NBCsports they are trying to go after Larry Brown. That is only a move a desperate franchise would do. When was the last time he coached? While he was a good coach, his defensive style wouldn’t mesh with the crap roster the Lakers have.

And now Byron Scott of course is being rumoured as well.

I think it is time to blow everything up in LA before it gets ugly. This year their record was probably their worst in franchise history. At least from what I can recall since they haven’t had a losing season since my grandpa was born.

And the west is only getting more competitive. You have the Spurs who will always win above fifty games with Popovich and Duncan, the Thunder (no shit), the Clippers with Doc (no shit), the Mavericks with a decent coach and system, the Blazers are becoming decent, the Warriors who with a new coach and decent roster could be in the mix. The Houston Rockets as well have a competitive roster.

God himself couldn’t coach this team to the western conference postseason with those teams in the mix.


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