Is Gareth Bale the Fastest White Man Alive?

Ramblings, Sports

I remember thinking last summer that Real Madrid throwing that amount of money at Gareth Bale was a mistake.

I admit, I didn’t watch much of him during his time at Tottenham.

Boy was I wrong. He was worth every penny of that 94 million Euro contract that Madrid gave him. Never have I seen such an exciting offensive attack in club soccer that the one Real Madrid FC showed off this year in La Liga and the Champions League.

They should have won La Liga but didn’t this year. But they won the Champions League and Copa Del Rey.

A large part of that was due to the addition of Bale to their already dangerous attack.

Every time I watch Real Madrid play I ask myself “is Gareth Bale the fastest white man alive?”

The only answer is yes. Never have I witnessed someone run like he does. I wonder if they allow humans to race in the Belmont Stakes this Saturday.

If it is indeed true that Real Madrid hopes to get rid of Benzema and bring in Luis Suarez, expect them to be in the running and looking to repeat as champions in the UEFA Champions League.


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