Jon Jones Being Called a “Coward”


Recently there have been rumblings that Jon Jones is a coward due to the fact his new contract talks have been stalling.

Typical Dana White tactic.

Jon Jones is 20-1 and his only loss was where he kicked Matt Hamill’s ass so badly that they had to disqualify him. I highly doubt he is scared of anyone.

In fact, the person he was lined up to be facing in a few months Alexander Gustafsson is someone he beat before. In a close fight nonetheless but he clearly deserved the nod.

I think Daniel Cormier may have the style to beat Jones as he is strong as hell, has great standup, and is just an all around bad matchup. Do I think Jones fears him due to his stalled contract talks? No. Would the general public pay the 60 dollar fee to watch that one? You’re damn right, which is why they are marketing the feud already.

And no, he’s not afraid of someone he beat.

Sign the contract, Bones.


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