Predicting the 2014 World Cup



Well, here goes nothing.

Above outlines my full bracket predictions.

Anything can happen and most likely I won’t get 100 percent. There are some big and interesting questions.

Colombia I would have chosen as the clear cut favourite in the easy Group C but now Radamel Falcao is out of the squad. This is the best national Colombia football team perhaps ever with Falcao. They beat Belgium (a tough squad) 2-0 in a friendly. Now that group could be anyone’s to take. I still think Colombia should advance as they are simply better than Greece and Japan. However, Ivory Coast now should be the favourites to take that weak group.

Mexico is always tough and could be the runner up in group A. I still say Croatia is the runner up to Brazil (the clear cut favourite in this tournament who have been destroying other teams in friendlies lately).

Spain is not the force they were in 2010 but I still think they can make some noise. I’ll take the safe bet and say they make it far. It will be very tough for them to repeat though especially if they have to face Brazil in their home country in the finals. They got smoked in the confederation cup final back in 2013 to Brazil with full rosters.

Group G as a German is what interests me most. There should be zero chance Germany and Portugal go out in the group stages but USA and Ghana are both very tough squads. Expect close standings in that group at the end of the group stage. I wouldn’t be shocked if USA or Ghana were to advance. Germany and Portugal just seem tougher.

Group D is also the second toughest group in the world cup. Uruguay, England, and Italy all should be teams that easily advance. Unfortunately for England I don’t think they are a better team or squad than both Italy or Uruguay. There’s a very small chance Italy does not advance especially after the horrid performance last world cup. They played well in both the last Euro cup in 2012 and confederations cup in 2013. Uruguay with Suarez and Cavani leading the way should play as well as they did in 2010 as well. But don’t stare if England were to advance. I’m just not calling it in that group.

Both Belgium and Argentina should easily win their respective groups and advance. Their groups are so easy that I think they will get exposed by better teams in the second or third rounds. Portugal if they were to advance and have to play them would in my opinion beat both.

All signs point to either Germany or Brazil taking it. I will go with Brazil due to the killing machine they have been epitomizing lately.

Look forward to a few…or a lot of upsets in this world cup. It should be another dandy.


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