Rustam Khabilov May Be a Good Bet



On Saturday rising lightweight prospect and Sambo guru from Russia Rustam Khabilov (17-1) will square off with the always tough Ben Henderson on Fox Sports 1.

I recently checked out the odds out of curiosity on Pinnacle Sports (a standard and popular sports bookie) and was quite shocked that Khabilov would be a 3 to 1 underdog.


The general consensus is that he is on the rise and he is tough. Benson Henderson is for sure always tough and a handful who has only lost to Anthony Pettis lately (once in WEC a few years back and the UFC lightweight title not too long ago).

However, has he faced anyone of Khabilov’s potential and skillset lately?

Not exactly. I predicted him to beat Thomson, Melendez, Diaz who all don’t possess the great wrestling/sambo skillset that Khabilov carries with him.

Least we not forget Khabilov is cornered by the best MMA trainer and camp in the world Jackson’s MMA who will add the gameplan to his already high skillset to make it extra tough on Henderson.

10 bucks to get 30 back if Khabilov wins does not seem like a risky investment at all. I think he could get the decision in a five round fight.

I think Diego Sanchez is past his prime and deserves to be a 2 to 1 underdog against Pearson. But don’t be surprised if he pulls off the upset as well.


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