We Should Be Rooting for the Spurs

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Los Angeles Clippers v San Antonio Spurs - Game One

Last year many people had the Spurs as underdogs and most considered the Heat repeat champions before the series began.

The Heat did repeat, but the Spurs put up a valiant effort. They should have won in six games had Ray Allen not come off the court and stayed in Boston.

You see, the Miami Heat are the image of what is wrong with the NBA today while the Spurs are a splitting image on what is right with the NBA.

Bandwagonning like Ray Allen and Lebron James did to South Beach is not cool at all. Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson who won multiple championships and had to battle the Pistons never did something so juvenile. I think Lebron James may have won a ring with Cleveland or have been close to it had he still stayed there. Instead he screwed the town over.

The Spurs are what every NBA franchise should model themselves to be like. A bunch of guys who on paper appear to be nobodies but just win. Every year since Popovich has come in to coach them (besides his first year) they have won at least 50 games and gone deep in the post season. That is amazing. He is most definitely up there with Phil Jackson and Pat Riley.

Danny Green, a guy who nobody wanted on their team lighting it up from the three point line every game. Tim Duncan, who not many talk about is quite easily a top five player of all time with his four rings that would put Lebron’s two to shame. The guy who outperformed his opposition in game six last year with close to forty points yet got screwed over.

We should be cheering for the Spurs and rooting against the Heat. Maybe then players will think twice about trying to bolt it for another team and leaving the league in such disparity. Why would fans even bother showing up to Milwaukee Bucks or Utah Jazz games these days?


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