Skip Bayless Gets It

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The Sun Sentinel reported that ESPN’s controversial analyst and host of the popular First Take show Skip Bayless claimed that Lebron James should be grateful Ray Allen saved his legacy.

Indeed he is correct.

As the bandwagon Miami Heat fans were leaving the arena in packs ready to cheer for a new team such as maybe the Lakers or Spurs themselves as the Spurs were up in game six, Ray Allen tied it with seconds left by hitting a miraculous three pointer to send it to overtime.

The Heat of course won in overtime to tie the series at 3-3 and the Miami Heat ultimately won the series in game 7 to repeat as champions.

If the Spurs won the series in six games, people would be bashing “King” (yes, in quotes) James once again as well as the Heat. The Spurs would be the defending champions this year.

I do not think Popovich would lose twice in a row in a situation like this. The Spurs have been waiting all playoffs to get another crack at the Miami Heat.

Don’t be surprised if the Spurs do not let their foots off the gas pedal and take this in less than seven games this time. As if Erik “yes man” Spoelstra has a plan to coach against Popovich. Talk about having the easiest job in the world or sports.

You can hate on Skip Bayless all you want, but he is very on point usually when criticizing the Miami Heat and Lebron James.

Let’s go Spurs.


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