Revisiting the Most Shocking Moment in the 2010 World Cup


It all starts again in four more days ladies and gents.

The above video shows the most shocking moment in the last world cup (at least for me, screw Frank Lampard’s goal or no-goal whatever you call it).

I remember it like it was yesterday. Ghana as a team was tough as nails. My Germans had to play against them and Serbia in the same group. Man was it a sweat reaching the round of 16 with those two in the same group playing their hearts out.

Ghana of course was able to beat USA in the next round and face Uruguay in the final eight. It was as the title calls it, the most memorable FIFA match of 2010 for a reason.

The atmosphere was electric. Ghana looked like they could be the first African team to make it to the final four or finals in…perhaps ever?

Suarez of course ruined it all as you will see in the video above.

I don’t blame him one bit, I would have done the same for my country to be honest.


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