Heat Fans Mock Tony Parker

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Courtesy of the NBA Memes page on Facebook.

This is in response to the media mocking Lebron James of the Miami Heat for having to be carried off due to cramps in the first game of the series against the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA finals.

I wish I was joking around but I’m not.

I’m hardly a Lebron James “fan”, in fact I’d call myself a hater. But to mock him in game one for leaving due to a cramp or questioning his toughness is stupid. I could have cared less.

And he responded by having a monster game in game 2 with over or around 35 points. Without him the Heat would have lost by that margin.

However, what Heat fans are now mocking is how Tony Parker went down around the fourth quarter due to an elbow from Mario Chalmers while defending Chalmers that resulted in a flagrant one foul.

I admit, the elbow looked weak. But it connected. He survived in the end just like Lebron James did and will probably play well in game three.

This whole hashtag thing and mocking both for what happened is really stupid.


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