Richard Sherman Announced As Madden 15 Cover Winner



This news is a couple days old but I had to talk about it.

Richard Sherman (cornerback of the Seattle Seahawks) was recently selected by vote to be on the cover of the Madden 15 video game made by popular company EA Sports.

Of course people are wondering if he was voted on so he could become a recipient of the popular myth, the “Madden curse”.

Ray Lewis who was on the cover had his season cut short the year after he was on the cover. Shaun Alexander, the league’s reigning MVP had an off year after being on the cover riddled with injuries. The list goes on.

There have also been exceptions to the curse before. Calvin Johnson did fine the season after gracing the cover.

I would be shocked to see Sherman became a victim to the curse.

What has been on my mind is how Sherman is not only the best cornerback in the game like he says; he is also a marketing genius.

After his rant of Michael Crabtree after winning the NFC championship game in Seattle against division rivals the San Francisco 49ers, people can not keep quiet about Sherman whether they like him or hate him.

The Seahawks have that swagger about them and he is absolutely the driving force to that, especially on defense.

I doubt we will see a cornerback in the NFL for a while who can market themselves like Sherman has. The only one who comes close is Deion Sanders.

This will no doubt be one of the highest selling Madden versions of all time due to his presence on the cover alone.

Cheers Richard.


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