Steve Moore’s Lawsuit is a Black Eye on the NHL

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Someone said it best on a hockey forum:

“I just want this hatchet buried to be honest. Whatever that takes. It was really a stain on hockey in general and I don’t even like reading about it”.

Truer words have never been spoken when it comes to the lawsuit involving Steve Moore against Todd Bertuzzi.

If you can remember, in the 2003-2004 season after being down 9-2 or something ridicolous in a regular season hockey game between the Canucks and the Avalanche in Vancouver, Todd Bertuzzi of the Canucks sucker punched Steve Moore and drove his head into the ice. A large pile up ensued.

People made claims how the pile up may have caused Moore the damage he claims to still receive to this very day. Bertuzzi driving his head onto the ice was bad enough though.

What annoys me is the fact it is old news and in general, annoying to hear. Yes it was a horrible event, yes Bertuzzi deserved a lengthy suspension, and yes if Steve Moore was injured then Bertuzzi should get sued.

But when I heard for 68 million dollars my jaw dropped to the ground.

Not a chance was Steve Moore worth close to that amount. That is the equivalent of fraud if he is suing for that much. 10 million makes sense, but 68?

It seems Steve Moore has nothing to live for other than to try and sue the pants off Todd Bertuzzi. The former Harvard graduate Steve Moore apparently applied to a few business schools and was rejected. Lawyers of the Canucks and Bertuzzi will question whether he did or not within the coming months at court.

A lawyer for the Canucks Alan D’Silva had an expert say Steve Moore’s best career options were “being a hoist operator, a farm labourer or a cook in a fast-food restaurant”. That is offensive yet makes me chuckle.

We should also not forget Steve Moore cheap shot Marcus Naslund of the Canucks a few weeks before Bertuzzi cheap shot him. Naslund is someone with a net worth close to 60 million dollars. Not Steve Moore.

Enough is enough already with this lawsuit. The event happened more than ten years ago. Burn it with fire and get on with it.


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