The Dutch are the Villains of this World Cup



Every world cup needs a team to hate on.

2002 it was South Korea for the obvious referee bias towards them resulting in suspicious wins against Spain and Italy.

2010 it was Uruguay for Suarez handballing the loveable Ghanians out of the world cup in the quarter finals held in Africa.

This year it appears to be Holland that is the team that is hated on. I say it’s completely warranted.

First we see the Dutch get their revenge on Spain in their first group match winning 5-1 with Robben making hand gestures to the camera acting arrogant after scoring. Okay, whatever.

Then in their first group stage match against Mexico Robben admits to diving all over the place in the first half (to the media, no less) and then gets a penalty kick after acting like he got shot tripping over a defenders foot in the 89th or so minute. Unreal, how could you decide such a crucial game like that between two countries?

Then today he does it again. Dove at least ten times I counted and still got the benefit of the doubt from the referees. Man, at least NHL referees get it. Alex Burrows never gets any calls his way due to his past flopping and antics. The same should be applied for Robben after his stupid antics in the Mexico game.

And finally before the penalty kicks it was said Krul (the new Holland goalie put in by coach Van Gaal) made hand gestures as well as talked trash to the Costa Rica team.

Let’s hope this cocky Holland team goes down. Starting with Jacques Cousteau’s great apprentice Arjen Robben. Go Argentina!


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