Germany and Argentina Must Win the World Cup



There’s no other way around it.

If Germany lose tomorrow against Brazil their era under Joacim Low will be considered an era of shortcomings. Yeah they should not have won the 2010 world cup over the dominant Spain but there is really no excuse for the last Euro Cup shortcoming or this year. They are far and away the best team and most stacked roster. The loss of Marco Reus has been hurting a bit but they are still flat out dominant and good on both sides of the ball.

Meanwhile Argentina must win. If Messi does not win a world cup he won’t be seen in the likes of Pele or Maradona. Argentina is better than ever. They are playing great defense. If Higuain gets going there is no reason they can’t win or at least make it to the finals.

Brazil has an excuse. With no Neymar or Thiago Silva they are essentially crippled and have to rely on tweedle dee and tweedle dum aka Fred and Jo. No way do they score more than twice against Germany with that roster.

For these reasons I am picking Germany-Argentina to meet again in the final just like in 1990.


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