Thoughts On Mayweather-Maidana Rematch

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According to ESPN and the Daily Mail, Floyd Mayweather will most likely face Marcos Maidana in a rematch in early September later this year.

My thoughts?

Who cares.

The only thing good about Floyd Mayweather is you can bet your life savings on him every fight because he will always pull through. Seriously, how can you get amped up or excited watching a guy fight who is obviously going to win?

Floyd Mayweather is an interesting experiment. No matter the crappy competition he faces, he still rakes in over a million people who tune in to watch him fight every time. And Showtime can also ramp up the prices of his events due to that alone.

He does not knock anyone out often like a prime Mike Tyson did. He dances around for twelve rounds and always wins a decision as a result.

Credit where credit is due, he wins. And he’s one of the greatest ever.

People always cry about how he should fight Pacquiao. After Pacquiao was wasted by Marquez it was obvious he would have never gave Floyd much of a fight.

Whatever, I ain’t even mad. The arrogant phrase Chris Brown said in his “Look at Me Now” song applies to Floyd Mayweather. He makes what I make in ten years in two days.


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