Brazil Leave World Cup With Their Heads Down



So Brazil just lost again by quite a large margin, 3-0 to the Netherlands, in the third place game.

It was a meaningless game no doubt, but Brazil had a lot at stake. They had to leave this tournament with their heads held high after the thrashing they received from Germany in the semi finals. They had to at least give their home country something to be proud about.

Instead they seemingly lost badly again. They got off to a very poor start. David Luiz is cursed and made several mistakes. Most of all, Thiago Silva as captain was a poor leader by obviously fouling Arjen Robben near the box to award the Dutch a penalty kick and score first.

Shameful performance on home soil by Brazil.

The commentators on the version I was watching the game on claimed how Brazil’s president of soccer operations said that Scolari is not going anywhere. If that’s the truth you may as well demolish the sport in Brazil. He was putrid as a coach and it showed in their end result. They played like thugs against Colombia which seemingly cost them the tournament. Then he selected duds like Marcelo, Fred, Fernandinho, and Jo to play as well as subbing Dani Alves for the old Maicon. He also refused to take on the young Lucas Moura and Coutinho on his squad who could be just as talented as Oscar and Neymar. What a stubborn old man. I don’t buy that the president said that. He is as good as gone.


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