Is Cleveland the Most Dominant Sports City Now?

Ramblings, Sports


After hearing the news that the king Lebron James was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers I immediately asked myself if Cleveland is the best sports city in North America and the real city of champions now.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were already building a dynasty with Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Anthony Bennett, and Andrew Wiggins added to their roster with a solid coach. Now with Lebron James and Kevin Love coming on the way, look out. These guys will be a lock for the championship.

Not only will Cleveland be like the Chicago Bulls of the 90s were, the Cleveland Browns look like a dynasty too (at least according to their fans). Their defense is already the best in the league (again, according to Cleveland-ers) and they just added 100-1 MVP favourite Johnny football Manziel to take control and win games. I wouldn’t want to face them. Good luck to the AFC North.

And to top it off Columbus signed good locker room guy Brandon Dubinsky to a 40 million dollar contract. Oh wait, that isn’t Cleveland and no one cares about hockey.

And I’m also trolling my ass off. Still a good move by Lebron to go back to Cleveland and try and bring them a championship after screwing them so hard in 2010.

Not one. Not two.


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