Revisiting the Worst Brazil Performance in History



A few days ago I predicted Germany to beat Brazil due to the the losses of Neymar and captain Thiago Silva in the semi finals.

I could have never been so wrong and right at the same time.

I was right that Silva and Neymar were big losses and that Brazil lost.

I was wrong in the fact that Brazil not only loss, it was their worst ever performance in world cup or international soccer history.

7-1. Wow. Where do I begin?

First off I said without Neymar they would lack scoring. I was right. Bernard (the replacement) was completely invisible. Fred and Jo have resembled Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels from Dumb and Dumber this whole tournament. No wonder Fred was booed when getting pulled off the field.

David Luiz was the biggest shocker. I thought he would play fine but the game showed he was nothing without Thiago Silva.

That first goal Thomas Muller scored to give Germany the lead would have never happened had Thiago Silva been on the field defending. They don’t call him the best defender in the world for nothing and it showed.

Some of this has to lie on coach Filipe Scolari. He told his squad to play a physical, thuggish style against the tough Colombian team in the quarter finals. It paid off for them when they won 2-1 but Thiago Silva got carded out and the Colombian player settled the score by kneeing Neymar in the back.

Then we look at the squad outside of those two. I really feel like he could have found better players in a country that treats soccer/football like it’s religion than freaking Fred. He looked like a buffoon the whole tournament.

I was not a fan of the roster Brazil put on the field or the end result. In 2010 with a pretty weak squad they still played an elegant style of football. This tournament they have looked bad most of the time…on home soil too. Goodbye Scolari.


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