Cleveland Cavaliers are Treating Andrew Wiggins Like Shit

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The title speaks for itself.

Apparently Andrew Wiggins said in an interview he has yet to speak to Lebron James. Probably because “the queen” does not want to waste his time of day to welcome the new kid to his team and his only. That’s right, he’s calling the shots since coming back home to Cleveland.

Of course Cleveland Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is not a role model himself. Apparently it was said he has plans to get Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves on August 23rd. That’s when Wiggins is eligible to be treated.

I feel bad for the kid. First overall pick and he gets treated like pure shit by the Cavaliers. I’m definitely a fan of his now and hope he becomes a decent player. Just stick it to those donkeys in Cleveland.

This is the same Queen James that whined for Larry Hughes to come to Cleveland and then fled the city to become a ring chaser. The same Dan Gilbert also sent a letter to fans denouncing him but is now letting him call the shots.

Lebron is a big baby, no question about it. He’s the easiest to hate athlete in any big sport. Kevin Love is a great player don’t get me wrong but why not see if first overall pick Andrew Wiggins has anything to offer?

Here’s to Cleveland staying cursed and never winning a ring with the queen there. He barely got two with the best supporting cast in NBA history while on the Miami Heat. One during a lockout shortened season, the next was won by Ray Allen in game six. That team they barely beat in seven games kicked their asses the next year to prove they got lucky. So he really has one ring and he knows it. 2-3 in NBA finals history while Tim Duncan is 5-1 and the list goes on and on.

Andrew, you deserve better.


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