NFL Preseason Brings Out the Idiocy In Referees

Ramblings, Sports

So I tuned in to watch the Seattle Seahawks-San Diego Chargers meaningless preseason game that took place yesterday.

It’s always interesting to tune in to see how your team is doing before the real season starts. See what young players or depth players could step up.

But man, was it ever tough to watch.

In the third quarter one of the referees tried his best to get himself “killed” in Seattle rather than being sleepless there. Thank goodness it was preseason though.

The Seahawks cornerbacks barely freaking touched the Chargers receivers yet he called it twice. Barely touched, I kid you not. It was outrageous. I believe it was Tharold Simon (who has looked not bad I must admit) picked off a Chargers receiver for a touchdown yet it was called back to the red zone due to “incidental contact”. Yet replays show he hardly touched the receiver.

I can see this new rule having people up in arms come season time if the referee’s don’t tone it down. You have to know Roger Goodell will get them to call this even more if he doesn’t want to see teams like Seattle be the champions again.

Many people have brought up how people like Matt Stafford are setting records in the league due to the direction. That couldn’t be more true. If Goodell keeps getting referee’s to call the game this way you may as well have no defense out there to be honest.


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