How the San Antonio Spurs Won the NBA Offseason


Ladies and gentleman. I present to you the most well run organization in pro sports.

San Antonio is no big market. Yet since Gregg Popovich has taken over, the Spurs just win championships or contend every year. They never go under.

The fans thought after they demolished the Miami Heat in 2014 that their time was coming to an end. Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker were all getting old.

Kawhi Leonard is one of the few bright spots. I’d say he’s the most valuable player on the team now and reminds me of a young Scottie Pippen. He can defend and he can win games.

But one guy can not win it all for a team. The Los Angeles Clippers who took them out in seven games this year in the quarter finals were just flat out better as a squad.

So what did the Spurs do?

They won the offseason and became an even bigger contender next year.

David West took a one million a year contract in an attempt to win it all. He will be behind top five NBA player of all time Tim Duncan holding it down.

But who else did they get?

Lamarcus Aldridge. This guy just single handily changed the Spurs franchise around and will have them as big time contenders for years with Kawhi Leonard.

Wow. Not only is he damn good, is there a better big man player besides Anthony Davis hat can light it up outside the paint like Aldridge can?

He will fit Popovich’s system so well it’s not even funny. He can pass, he can shoot. He can even play inside and dominate.

He also came to San Antonio to just win.

Oklahoma City is a wild card and always a contender if Kevin Durant is healthy. Billy Donovan is a wild card as new head coach of the Thunder as well. I’m not quite sure I’d place money on them winning it all. Especially when they didn’t make the playoffs this year even with Durant on the sidelines.

Then you have Golden State who play the same style of game San Antonio does. I like to think the Spurs have heir number though in the games I’ve seen both teams play each other in. The Spurs would aim to shut the back court of Curry and Thompson down which leads Golden State ineffective. They could absolutely do it. I simply don’t see Golden State repeating again for those reasons. They will be a good team however.

And then there’s queen Lebron James and the rat pack in Cleveland. Whoever wins in the west will have a field day with that team. Like stated before, watching James lose in the NBA finals is a great past time for many. He simply won’t do it this year.

I’d like to throw in the Pelicans as a wild card. Anthony Davis may become the best player in the league soon.

So with these teams considered, I think the Spurs have a great shot at winning it all. Duncan thereafter will ride into the sunset with his six rings that put many players to shame and also the media who has never appreciated him. Yet they appreciate the losing culture on every Lebron James team.

To each his own.


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