The Jameis Winston .vs. Marcus Mariota Debate


The crab leg thief from Florida State Jameis Winston was drafted first overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers followed by clean cut University of Oregon starting quarterback Marcus Mariota, who was taken next by the Tennessee Titans.

It was clear these two would be the number one and two picks in this NFL draft. However, the question always arises: “who is really better as a player, as a quarterback?”

Last draft my opinion was that either Khalil Mack or Blake Bortles would be the best player taken from that draft. So far I would say Khalil Mack is tracking that way.

This year I believe Jameis Winston will be the best NFL player taken from this draft. He will be a starting quarterback for years to come and it’s tough to say otherwise.

The warning signs were absolutely there. He was a punk in college enabled by Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher. He walked around campus as if he owned it. He was point blank, an immature idiot.

But I believe he has the talent to turn it around. The guy wins games. He is a gunslinger who like Ronde Barber (former player on the Tampa Bay Buccanneers) claimed on Profootballtalk, fear no one. I see him having a similar career to that of a watered down Brett Favre. That means, he may or may not be a pro bowler. But I think he will be a top 15-20 quarterback in this league when he reaches the prime of his career.

The only player I could see having a better career (not having the better talent) than Winston is Amari Cooper. If him and Derek Carr keep tracking up, they will rip out the laughing stock stigma that the Oakland Raiders have had for years.

I still think Winston is the better player.

As for Marcus Mariota, I may get crucified, but I believe he is a bust.

The stereotypical running quarterback with poor accuracy and who can get shutdown (just like Urban Meyer shut him down in the BCS national championship game) usually gets exposed at the next level.

He may have one good season (which I doubt since the Titans are awful as is), but after that, it will be all downhill for him.

You can laugh at me in another year if I am wrong.


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