The Curious Case of Adam Goodes

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Let me start off by saying this: I don’t watch or follow rugby religiously. In fact, I had to correct the title as I called Mr. Goodes “Andrew” instead of Adam.

This was also too big of a topic in sports today for me to ignore it.

Basically, what has happened in a nutsell:

  • Adam Goodes is of “aboriginal” descent. When he scored via kick in a game for his team the Sydney Swans against I don’t know? Some random team they were apparently shit kicking? Well, anyways, he proceeded to do a tribal dance. The video is below.

Yes, it happened two months ago. The controversy today is that he gets booed often in every stadium across Australia now when playing in the “AFL” (Australian football league, also known as rugby in North America).

Through my research and just reading reactions on this issue, it seems Australians are firm to the opinion that they are booing him because he’s a jackass. Not because of this specific dance.

The media on the other hand of the spectrum is making it out into an issue on how Australia is racist against the “indigenous” people.

I really don’t know about this. If he was such a “jackass”, why has he won so many awards in rugby? He looks like he is valued around the AFL league and rugby quite a lot for a man that is a “jackass”. When I think of jackass I think of Terrell Owens of the NFL.

A thirteen year old fan called him an ape two years ago as well.

My two cents. I won’t divulge into it much further out of fear of offending any Australians.


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