Percy Harvin Can Single Handily Bring a Team Down

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Enjoy him Buffalo, he’s yours.

Percy Harvin of the Buffalo Bills was recently quoted in an interview saying how he loves his new teammates and the ones in Seattle previously never accepted him.

Maybe it’s not them and it’s you.

You know, the guy who refused to play when asked by offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell or the one who threw weights at the coaches during his time in Minnesota.

The fact the Seattle Seahawks turned their season around within a few games after he left speaks volumes.

He can bring a championship caliber team down all by himself. He’s that talented.

Buffalo is going to regret this.


At the Breaking Point With Canucks GM Jim Benning


Today the Canucks announced they have traded Adam Clendening, Nick Bonino, AND a second rounder to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Brandon Sutter and a third round pick.

How does this trade make any sense? What the hell? Did Bonino not want to be here?

The Kesler trade does look like a disaster now considering he was that guy who came the other way.

I do not know much about Brandon Sutter, but looking at his stats, he doesn’t look much better or maybe even slightly better than Bonino.

Throw in Clendening who is a decent prospect and played well when called up here as well as the second round pick when we have the possibility of finishing low?

Canucks fans, this guy may be reaching the Mactavish point. I don’t get this move at all and will say it time and time again.

If Brandon Sutter becomes a godsend on the third or second line while Bonino and Clendening do nothing, okay. But the chances of those scenarios all happening are extremely low.

What an odd move and I’m starting to lose faith in Benning.

The Jameis Winston .vs. Marcus Mariota Debate


The crab leg thief from Florida State Jameis Winston was drafted first overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers followed by clean cut University of Oregon starting quarterback Marcus Mariota, who was taken next by the Tennessee Titans.

It was clear these two would be the number one and two picks in this NFL draft. However, the question always arises: “who is really better as a player, as a quarterback?”

Last draft my opinion was that either Khalil Mack or Blake Bortles would be the best player taken from that draft. So far I would say Khalil Mack is tracking that way.

This year I believe Jameis Winston will be the best NFL player taken from this draft. He will be a starting quarterback for years to come and it’s tough to say otherwise.

The warning signs were absolutely there. He was a punk in college enabled by Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher. He walked around campus as if he owned it. He was point blank, an immature idiot.

But I believe he has the talent to turn it around. The guy wins games. He is a gunslinger who like Ronde Barber (former player on the Tampa Bay Buccanneers) claimed on Profootballtalk, fear no one. I see him having a similar career to that of a watered down Brett Favre. That means, he may or may not be a pro bowler. But I think he will be a top 15-20 quarterback in this league when he reaches the prime of his career.

The only player I could see having a better career (not having the better talent) than Winston is Amari Cooper. If him and Derek Carr keep tracking up, they will rip out the laughing stock stigma that the Oakland Raiders have had for years.

I still think Winston is the better player.

As for Marcus Mariota, I may get crucified, but I believe he is a bust.

The stereotypical running quarterback with poor accuracy and who can get shutdown (just like Urban Meyer shut him down in the BCS national championship game) usually gets exposed at the next level.

He may have one good season (which I doubt since the Titans are awful as is), but after that, it will be all downhill for him.

You can laugh at me in another year if I am wrong.

What’s Up With the Detroit Tigers?


For a team that is ranked fifth in payrolls by team (probably much higher now that they took on David Price’s contract) and with such a star studded lineup, you’d think they would have not only won a few world series already but also be a no brainer to make the postseason this year. Anything short of the world series is a bust for this team.

But they aren’t even in place to be a wild card team (yet). They are second in their division behind the Kansas City Royals and now behind the Seattle Mariners in a wild card spot.

Quite embarrassing for a team with that payroll and star power. The Yankees and Phillies have higher payrolls and aren’t in the playoff picture really but let’s be honest, they don’t have the talent the Detroit Tigers do.

Miggy Cabrera who is an MVP candidate every year, Martinez, Hunter, the list goes on. They just picked up David Price to make their pitching rotation scary for the post season yet it isn’t.

I still say this team makes the playoffs, they are too talented not to. If they don’t I will gladly point and laugh at them. Like I said, this team should have won a few world series already by now.

Johnny Eightball



Well apparently America’s most hated NFL 2014 draftee is back in the news again.

Johnny Manziel aka Johnny Football aka Johnny Douche was taken in a photo rolling up a dollar bill in the bathroom. Jeez, I wonder what for? Maybe he was being such a gentleman and tipping the bathroom attendant of the nightclub.

Just joking, we know what it’s for, we aren’t stupid.

This guy doesn’t give a crap. For that alone I hold some respect towards him. But man is he easy to hate and laugh at. I won’t call this guy a bust yet. But if he plays bad next year all these actions will definitely catch up to him.

Lawrence Taylor probably did worse than roll up an American bill in the bathroom in his days and he was one of the greatest ever.