Percy Harvin Can Single Handily Bring a Team Down

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Enjoy him Buffalo, he’s yours.

Percy Harvin of the Buffalo Bills was recently quoted in an interview saying how he loves his new teammates and the ones in Seattle previously never accepted him.

Maybe it’s not them and it’s you.

You know, the guy who refused to play when asked by offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell or the one who threw weights at the coaches during his time in Minnesota.

The fact the Seattle Seahawks turned their season around within a few games after he left speaks volumes.

He can bring a championship caliber team down all by himself. He’s that talented.

Buffalo is going to regret this.


Ned Yost is a Troll: How the Kansas City Royals Became Baseball’s Most Hated Team

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Watching the highlights for the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals game was painful.

High pitches from pitcher Edinson Volquez of the Royals to new additions Troy Tulowitzki and Josh Donaldson.

The umpire Jim Wolf expressed poor judgment in not taking control of the situation and disciplining Volquez.

On top of that, when Donaldson rightfully complained, Volquez begins taunting him from the dugout and after the game he goes on about how he’s a baby.

When pitcher Sanchez on the Blue Jays returned the favour in the later innings, he got tossed. The Royals then act all tough and leave the dugout. There’s king rat Edinson Volquez trying to put on a front in the middle of this scrum like he’s the toughest guy ever.

To add insult to injury manager Ned Yost put on a troll face and made a spiel that would make most politicians grin. He said Jim Wolf was amazing and the Blue Jays players leap into the inside too much which is why the high pitches occurred.

Come on man. I thought about calling him an asshole but could see he didn’t believe he crap he was spewing. He’s a troll.

The Royals have done this crap time and time again this year. They are trying to act like the toughest team in all of baseball. It doesn’t work that way.

Enjoy the exit from the postseason this year you classless baboons.

Rousimar Palhares is the Most Unfairly Vilified Man in Mixed Martial Arts

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My goodness. This sounds familiar.

Welterweight and newly crowned World Series of Fighting champion Rousimar Palhares won in spectacular fashion once again over tough opponent Jake Shields.

What ensues after his win?

Whining from the masses and fans making a million excuses about how he held on to a submission to long. Not to forget, “he eye gouged Shields”.

Wah. Cry me a river, MMA fans. The man is clearly talented, takes no finishers, and fights to win.

He should be in the Ultimate Fighting Championship kicking ass, but was unfairly thrown out for beating up Mike Pierce too badly.

In case you don’t remember, Palhares was again vilified for beating the crap out of Mike Pierce in 30 seconds via submission leglock and the fans (including UFC president Dana White) whined about how he held onto the hold for too long.

Little do people remember, Mike Pierce was running his mouth before the fight. Something about how Brazil welterweights aren’t good? Cry me a river buddy. You got your ass handed to you by one of the best. Don’t get me started on how Mike Pierce is also one of the most boring fighters I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Jake Shields also threatened to take a limb or two against Palhares this Saturday. Another guy to join the team.

Now there’s talk about Palhares being stripped of the WSOF belt he rightfully earned and his win bonus being withheld.

This is an unfair witch hunt of one of the best welterweights in MMA. When he retires, we will be wondering “what if”. This guy absolutely could give UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler a run for his money.

I give a salute to Palhares for shit kicking Jake Shields and Mike Pierce. We have enough of these boring fighters ruining the sport.

In case you want to see the video, here it is below. You decide if he held on too long. In my humble opinion, he did not.

Jon Jones is Hilarious



There’s even more funny pictures that were taken from his Instagram/Twitter accounts where he bashed random trolls and people.

People hate on the guy for the little-ist reasons so this makes me like him even more. I always knew the good religious guy who fights like an animal in the octagon had a nasty streak to him.

He fights Dan Cormier in September I believe. That will be his toughest challenge to date. I will say if he wins he may be up there with Chuck Liddell as one of the greatest light heavyweight champions in UFC history. No question about it, the man is talented. So is Cormier.

The UFC Yesterday Sucked

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What a waste of 60 bucks.

The UFC that took place yesterday (UFC 175: Weidman .vs. Machida) sucked. No two ways about it.

The prelims that took place on Sportsnet 360 and Fox Sports 1 were decent and topped off by Boston’s Rob Font knocking George Roop out with a huge right hand. Urijah Faber also choked out Axel Witsel’s twin, Alex Caceres. Overall, not bad for a free card.

But then the “real” fights took place. 60 bucks went down the drain to watch the fights on high definition. The first fight between Russell Doane and Marcus Brimage was your standard 3 rounds of “who cares” kind of fight. Doane won the decision.

Uriah Hall (who the UFC has a crush on for whatever reason) took on Thiago Santos and won. Another three rounds of who cares kind of fight. Hall won, good for him.

Before or after that (I was not paying attention as the pay per view was so dull) they had the audacity to announce one of the five fights will be canceled. Apparently Stefan Struve fainted backstage or had heart problems that went unforeseen by the UFC and Nevada athletic commission. That fight most likely would have been the best fight all night had it taken place. At least it would have been a finish.

Ronda Rousey was the highlight of the night no doubt for trashing Alexis Davis in a mere 15 or so seconds after judo tossing her and punching her out. Whether fans of mixed martial arts like to admit it or not, Ronda Rousey is perhaps the most marketable fighter the UFC has right now.

After Rousey’s huge finish Chris Weidman proceeded to defend the title against Lyoto Machida who is no doubt one of my favourite fighters. Well, the fight sucked. If I told you I didn’t pass out during it because it was so boring I would be lying. The crowd could have cared less at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. Weidman won again but people most likely cleared out after Rousey’s win.

This event shows to me a huge problem the UFC faces: the cards it puts on pay per view aren’t worth half of what they charge these days.

The last pay per view was held in Vancouver and it was awful. Four years ago the UFC could sell out Vancouver within minutes. Now they didn’t even sell out and the fights sucked on that one just like most did on this one.

UFC 173 that was headlined by Barao .vs. Dillishaw has been the only good UFC on pay per view that I can recall in the last six or twelve months. Why should I invest 60 bucks a month for a product that is lacking?

I seriously challenge you to find me a sport more boring. Like Joe Rogan said on the prelims during the Santos-Camozzi fight “I don’t like it when another guy holds another guy down”. We all don’t, Joe. That is…no comment.

Diego Sanchez .vs. Ross Pearson Worst Decision of 2014

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Of course Diego Sanchez once again grabbed one of the worst decisions of all time (just like his Kampmann and Gomi wins, especially the Gomi win).

He lost 30-27 clearly from what I saw. Outstriked and rocked every round.

What do you have to do to beat this guy by decision? Pay the judges more than he possibly pays?

Good lord. First Leonard Garcia and Benson Henderson and now Sanchez seems to be best buddies with the judges.