Percy Harvin Can Single Handily Bring a Team Down

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Enjoy him Buffalo, he’s yours.

Percy Harvin of the Buffalo Bills was recently quoted in an interview saying how he loves his new teammates and the ones in Seattle previously never accepted him.

Maybe it’s not them and it’s you.

You know, the guy who refused to play when asked by offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell or the one who threw weights at the coaches during his time in Minnesota.

The fact the Seattle Seahawks turned their season around within a few games after he left speaks volumes.

He can bring a championship caliber team down all by himself. He’s that talented.

Buffalo is going to regret this.


Will the Seattle Seahawks Succumb to Greed?


This is a serious question I have had about my favourite team in the National Football League.

They say in this day and age in the NFL, it is hard to field a consistent winner year after year due to the cap as well as the greed of the players.

Perhaps the Seahawks could be experiencing the same.

Let’s look at what has happened since the disastrous play executed by Russell Wilson lead to the Seahawks failing to repeat as champions in early February of this year.

  • Defensive end Michael Bennett wanting more money despite the contract he signed just recently. He makes eight million a year for the next three years on average yet believe he deserves more. Latrell Sprewell must be grinning at how smart this man is
  • Bam-bam Kam Chancellor is holding out of training camp believing he deserves more money. Unlike Bennett who was invisible in the super bowl against the New England Patriots this year, Chancellor is clutch in the post season and vital to this teams defense. He makes close to six million this year, six million the next, and eight million the next according to The stupidity once again amazes me. Especially from someone who looks like one of the classier Seahawk players.
  • Quarterback Russell Wilson reportedly rejecting a 21 million dollar a year contract. This is the worst. I don’t know if this is true, I haven’t looked into the sources to see if it is. But if Wilson really did turn that down from the Seahawks, he’s an idiot. He won’t get a dollar more unless he goes out this year and has an MVP-caliber season. He is not nearly as good as Aaron Rodgers who makes around the same range. He is not as good as Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. He is a top ten quarterback and that’s being generous. 21 million? Haha, that’s pretty steep and generous.

The bottom line is these three should be grateful to live in the world that we do. Complaining about making north of five million dollars a year for each of them. Wow.

The detractors may be right, this team may go down due to greed.

Then again, I hope I’m pulling a reverse jinx here.

The Seahawks Are Blowing the Roof Off the Building

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It’s preseason, but the Hawks are thrashing the Bears like it’s nobodies business.

Does this sound similar to last season? The Hawks went 4-0 and won the super bowl. They looked dominant in the preseason. They lost to the Broncos this preseason but it was a close game. These last two preseason games at home they have obliterated the opposition. The Chargers and the Bears…not the worst teams.

I won’t be too quick to say they can repeat as champions. But I really do believe they will be in the running again. This team is nasty and built well from top to bottom. I said their offense would be better this season. They have Lane and Tharold Simon as reserves, extremely talented guys on defense.

I think the ones who should be worried about the NFL regular season are the Santa Clara Forty Whiners, also known as the 49ers lead by crybaby Jim Harbaugh. They have gotten their asses kicked this preseason and the St. Louis Rams are clearly on the rise in the NFC west.

The Hate Richard Sherman Gets is Glorious



The amount of butthurt and faggotry that occurs when discussing Richard Sherman’s talent as a football player in the NFL is simply…amusing. And glorious.

Never have I seen people go to such lengths to discredit one man’s talent.

It’s obvious as to why, the guy is easy to hate. He plays the game hard. He talks trash. And he’s also a proven winner. The last one is enough to get fans of the rest of the teams in the NFL angry.

A lot of what I have seen goes as follows:

1. He’s over rated.

Prove it. He’s won a ring and been in two super bowls. I’m pretty sure he was up there for most interceptions in the league last year while been thrown to very rarely. How does that mean he’s over rated?

2. He covers the number two receiver due to the side of the field he plays on.

Michael Crabtree is the number two receiver on the San Francisco 49ers now? Seeing as that was Sherman’s biggest play of his career…

Then there are comments that Jarius Wright of the Minnesota Vikings burnt him “once” or “twice” in a regular season game after being thrown the ball from Christian Ponder of all people.

Are you freaking kidding me? That’s one play and everyone gets burned. Earl Thomas the league’s best safety was owned by Colin Kaepernick throwing the ball over his head to Anquan Boldin in the NFC championship game. That doesn’t mean we should laugh. Earl Thomas is an incredible talent and would have tipped that ball most of the time.

That particular game against the Vikings was also a blowout. Something like 45-20 if I remember correctly. The fact that Sherman haters are able to dissect that far is simply mindblowing.

As a self-admitted Seahawks fan, the only time I was embarrassed to have Sherman’s back was when he blew his coverage on Roddy White of the Atlanta Falcons in a crucial playoff game a few years ago. That was a moment he should have gotten hated on. Yet people bring up the Wright thing more. Amusing.

I’m glad the NFL Top 100 ranked Sherman unnecessarily high and he also got on the cover of the next Madden game. Just pisses off the haters more and more. I hope he has a big year so people cry some more. Never have I seen one man so hated mainly due to his comments on Michael Crabtree. As if Michael Crabtree is a role model.

Richard Sherman is talented and plays the game hard, point blank.

I’m Not Sure About the Arizona Cardinals



Whenever I offer my opinions that the Arizona Cardinals will come I last place in the NFC West division next year their fans get all pissed off.

How is it a bad opinion?

I saw a tough team last year that may have overachieved and not be built for the future.

Let’s get it straight, Bruce Arians is a hell of a coach and one of the leagues best in the NFL. But he’s also in a division with two of the top five coaches in Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh.

His team was inconsistent last year. They blew out the Colts and then barely held on against worse teams.

If the Cardinals were in the NFC West, without a doubt I’d say they make the playoffs. Especially in the AFC. But it happens. I think they will regress next year. Karlos Dansby and he defensive MVP like stats has left for Cleveland. Washington is out all season. Those were two huge guys on their defense last year. John Abraham has to regress eventually as well.

It’s only a matter of time before the St Louis Rams become above five hundred (.500). With all that young talent they are drafting on both sides of the ball and stingy coach Jeff Fisher I believe they will turn that corner this year.

Sorry cards fans.

Analyzing Colin Kaepernick’s New Contract


Colin Kaepernick

NBC sports and the NFL is reporting that the San Francisco 49ers have just signed Colin Kaepernick to a six year extension worth up to $126 million with around $61 million guaranteed.

My first reaction was “wow”. Not a fan of the deal for the 49ers one bit (even though I don’t like them as a team). If they want to keep all their talent in tact that steals them games (which isn’t Kaepernick, it’s their front seven on defense as well as their star studded core on offense as well as the o-line) then this will handcuff them in a few years.

The only way it will look “good” is if Kaepernick improves gradually year by year, which he hasn’t shown signs of (yet). Someone brought up that Joe Flacco and Albert Haynesworth after getting their massive contracts had banner years as a sarcastic joke. That is indeed true.

When watching the 49ers play last year Kaepernick no doubt helped the offense control the clock with his running and their run game. However, he didn’t really take over many games unless they were against the weakest teams (and Green Bay, sorry). The front seven was the whole reason that team was as dominant as they were. It’s very hard to score touchdowns on them when they are playing lights out.

A 49ers fan however retorted with a good argument that this is in fact a good move by Baalke and co. due to the fact the Seahawks now may have to pay a ransom to Russell Wilson (who just won the superbowl). Perhaps, we will have to wait and see on that.

The 49ers and Hawks have two of the best defenses in the league when they are on and when you look at their offensive cores they are both quite star studded (Marshawn Lynch is slightly better than Frank Core while the 49ers receiving core is better than the Hawks slightly, etc). You could put an average quarterback behind either team and they would still be slightly above .500. The point being Wilson and Kaepernick are no Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, or Peyton Manning.

Until then, we will have to wait and see how this plays out. In a few years we may be laughing at the 49ers or watching them win multiple Lombardis.