Calgary Flames Fan Tries to Troll Jim Benning, Fails in the Process

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Basically in the above link, some attention whore on Twitter with the username “fake_steinberg” tried to act funny and troll general manager Jim Benning of the Vancouver Canucks. Apparently he is a Calgary Flames fan.

Little does he know that Jim Benning had a great offseason and the whiny, annoying Canucks fans on do not reflect the Canucks fanbase.

Canucks losses this offseason:

-Kevin Bieksa
-Eddie Lack
-Zack Kassian
-Shawn Matthias
-Brad Richardson
-Nick Bonino
-Adam Clendening

The only guys on that list I miss are Clendening (who has yet to put in a full NHL season), Brad Richardson (who was injured for half the year), and Eddie Lack (who has yet to play a full NHL season as a starting goalie).

Who is going to replace these guys:

-Brandon Sutter aka Flat Stanley
-Jakob Markstrom (made a mockery of the AHL last season and has more potential than Eddie Lack has ever had)
-Brandon Prust (one of the best fourth liners in the league, great locker room guy)
-Matt Bartkowski (can’t get any worse than Bieksa and may do well in Willie Desjardins system)
-Sven Baertschi (question mark if this guy puts it together or not)

Basically, a lot of ifs. But I’m confident in the moves.

Who did the Calgary Flames get?

An over rated defenseman who was hated in Boston named Dougie Hamilton and a third liner in Michael Frolik.

Wow, teams are sure shaking in their boots in the pacific division. Especially after you overachieved last year. Bob Hartley also sure has a long shelf life everywhere he’s been (not really).

So I’m sure Jim Benning thanks you for the flowers. The only funnier joke would be an Oilers fan doing the same. That would almost be as funny as the fan of the franchise who overachieved last year and will finish below the Canucks (once again, like the last ten years, that is funny).

I did chuckle at a response that said how Benning sent bigger flowers back and a third round pick. That was witty and accurate.

So long story short?

Fans of teams who haven’t done anything should mind their own damn business.

I’m Tired of the Whiny Vancouver Canuck Fans

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Let me pay a homage to the most stupid Canuck fan comments this offseason after the season came to an unfortunate end in April in a playoff series against division rival Calgary Flames.

Credit to for the idiocy.

A topic on the worst GM-coach duos of all time yielded this response from a Canucks fan:

benning – desjardins is going to look pretty all-time awful in two years, if it doesn’t already.i mean, did you guys see desjardins undermine his team against calgary last spring like he was trying to lose?

Do I need to say more? Yes, this was copy and pasted. It makes me shake my head we have fans of this nature supporting the Vancouver Canucks.

A topic on how Benning forced the Canucks into “premature rebuilding” (which is a fair enough claim, but it gave this Notra “dumbass” like response):
As of last year, the Canucks were Cup contenders. Their playoff run sucked but at least they did make the playoffs. Now they definitely will be out of contention and it’s all because of Benning, IMO.
Now the Canucks were cup contenders before the evil Jim Benning came in. I’ve seen it all now. No sir, they finished sixth last in the league under Tortorella and Gillis’ direction. Nice try at spinning things, though.
On the same topic listed right above, another Gillis defender posted this gem:
That is how we know Benning botched it and is worse, much much much worse than Gillis (thus far of course. Perhaps we’re all wrong or he figures things out). Gillis had the team poised to begin the turn around in the summer of 2014. Any new GM would have loved walking into that situation. Well any new GM that could talk about things other than meat and potatoes, scrums, culture, and high end intangibles.
Ah yes, the team was freaking great coming off sixth last and trending downwards. Where do “fans” come up with this stuff?
Gillis only looked bad because of the owners influence.If Gillis had his way we would have started the rebuild in 2013. The Luongo/Schneider debacle is way overblown.
When did Gillis become Mother Theresa? I heard fans yelling “fire Gillis” at the end of 2013-2014 season. They were right. It was time for him to go. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out, Gillis lover.
Kevin Bieksa clearly lost faith in this team and new management. Just a year ago he said he’d go down with to ship.
Now Kevin Bieksa is apparently against the cause. He hates the Canucks just like these fans hate Jim Benning. He has agreed with the “smart ones”. When did opinion become fact like this? Maybe he agreed to be traded because it was the right thing to do? He was the worst defenseman last year on ice, and it wasn’t even close. No amount of advanced statistics could say otherwise.
I’m sad he’s gone but I’m glad he’s out of this mickey mouse organization. I always thought the criticism of Bieksa was unfair. Yes he had holes in his game and struggled after that sliced tendon injury but that guy was the most warrior heart and soul player I’ve ever seen on the Canucks. The guy bleed Canucks blue and was one of the very few homegrown players to develop into a top NHL player in my time watching the Canucks (since about ’01) which is both sad and beautiful. I hope the Ducks win next year not only for Bieksa but because that is such an unbelievably well managed team. Their scouting, cap management and blend of youth and experience is reminiscent of the Red Wings. They’re going to be an elite team for years with how that team has been built.

It’s clear he wants to be on a winner and doesn’t think much of this management group.

Guess what this “loyal fan” has as a username? “FacepalmBenning”.
It doesn’t get better than that.
What’s the conclusion in all of this?
Canucks fans, as a person living in Vancouver who has once been a season ticket holder, annoy me and make me sick. Most pessimistic group and media I have ever seen. Every year they whine for someone to get fired or axed and every season with no cup is a failure.
No one predicted this team to finish as well as they did last year. Fans were generally happy about that until the Calgary series. Then it becomes a game of how Desjardins and Benning all of the sudden suck at their jobs.
I’m so tired of it. We deserve a team on par with the late 2000s era Edmonton Oilers. Seeing as how a fifth place finish in the west is absolutely awful and grounds for the general manager being fired. Along with his offseason moves that HAVE YET TO PLAY A SINGLE GAME IN A CANUCKS UNIFORM.
These posters should have their Canuck fan titles stripped. It’s annoying and embarrassing.

The Jameis Winston .vs. Marcus Mariota Debate


The crab leg thief from Florida State Jameis Winston was drafted first overall by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers followed by clean cut University of Oregon starting quarterback Marcus Mariota, who was taken next by the Tennessee Titans.

It was clear these two would be the number one and two picks in this NFL draft. However, the question always arises: “who is really better as a player, as a quarterback?”

Last draft my opinion was that either Khalil Mack or Blake Bortles would be the best player taken from that draft. So far I would say Khalil Mack is tracking that way.

This year I believe Jameis Winston will be the best NFL player taken from this draft. He will be a starting quarterback for years to come and it’s tough to say otherwise.

The warning signs were absolutely there. He was a punk in college enabled by Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher. He walked around campus as if he owned it. He was point blank, an immature idiot.

But I believe he has the talent to turn it around. The guy wins games. He is a gunslinger who like Ronde Barber (former player on the Tampa Bay Buccanneers) claimed on Profootballtalk, fear no one. I see him having a similar career to that of a watered down Brett Favre. That means, he may or may not be a pro bowler. But I think he will be a top 15-20 quarterback in this league when he reaches the prime of his career.

The only player I could see having a better career (not having the better talent) than Winston is Amari Cooper. If him and Derek Carr keep tracking up, they will rip out the laughing stock stigma that the Oakland Raiders have had for years.

I still think Winston is the better player.

As for Marcus Mariota, I may get crucified, but I believe he is a bust.

The stereotypical running quarterback with poor accuracy and who can get shutdown (just like Urban Meyer shut him down in the BCS national championship game) usually gets exposed at the next level.

He may have one good season (which I doubt since the Titans are awful as is), but after that, it will be all downhill for him.

You can laugh at me in another year if I am wrong.

There May Never Be Another Eric Lindros



A question was recently brought up on if there are any NHL prospects that resemble the Big E.

There are not, no question about it.

His combination of size, speed, and skill may never be seen in the NHL again. Before the 2000-2001 season he was quite easily the best player in the league for a number of years.

How he never won a cup is beyond me. It’s a shame his career was cut short with injuries.

Although the game is getting a lot bigger and more gritty since the 2004-2005 lockout, I highly doubt we see someone with Eric Lindros’ physical attributes and talents ever again. There will be another Crosby but there most likely won’t be another Lindros.

A lot of pundits always complain about the Philadelphia-Quebec trade but looking back at it it was a good tradeoff.

Rustam Khabilov May Be a Good Bet



On Saturday rising lightweight prospect and Sambo guru from Russia Rustam Khabilov (17-1) will square off with the always tough Ben Henderson on Fox Sports 1.

I recently checked out the odds out of curiosity on Pinnacle Sports (a standard and popular sports bookie) and was quite shocked that Khabilov would be a 3 to 1 underdog.


The general consensus is that he is on the rise and he is tough. Benson Henderson is for sure always tough and a handful who has only lost to Anthony Pettis lately (once in WEC a few years back and the UFC lightweight title not too long ago).

However, has he faced anyone of Khabilov’s potential and skillset lately?

Not exactly. I predicted him to beat Thomson, Melendez, Diaz who all don’t possess the great wrestling/sambo skillset that Khabilov carries with him.

Least we not forget Khabilov is cornered by the best MMA trainer and camp in the world Jackson’s MMA who will add the gameplan to his already high skillset to make it extra tough on Henderson.

10 bucks to get 30 back if Khabilov wins does not seem like a risky investment at all. I think he could get the decision in a five round fight.

I think Diego Sanchez is past his prime and deserves to be a 2 to 1 underdog against Pearson. But don’t be surprised if he pulls off the upset as well.