I’m Tired of the Whiny Vancouver Canuck Fans

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Let me pay a homage to the most stupid Canuck fan comments this offseason after the season came to an unfortunate end in April in a playoff series against division rival Calgary Flames.

Credit to HFBoards.com for the idiocy.

A topic on the worst GM-coach duos of all time yielded this response from a Canucks fan:

benning – desjardins is going to look pretty all-time awful in two years, if it doesn’t already.i mean, did you guys see desjardins undermine his team against calgary last spring like he was trying to lose?

Do I need to say more? Yes, this was copy and pasted. It makes me shake my head we have fans of this nature supporting the Vancouver Canucks.

A topic on how Benning forced the Canucks into “premature rebuilding” (which is a fair enough claim, but it gave this Notra “dumbass” like response):
As of last year, the Canucks were Cup contenders. Their playoff run sucked but at least they did make the playoffs. Now they definitely will be out of contention and it’s all because of Benning, IMO.
Now the Canucks were cup contenders before the evil Jim Benning came in. I’ve seen it all now. No sir, they finished sixth last in the league under Tortorella and Gillis’ direction. Nice try at spinning things, though.
On the same topic listed right above, another Gillis defender posted this gem:
That is how we know Benning botched it and is worse, much much much worse than Gillis (thus far of course. Perhaps we’re all wrong or he figures things out). Gillis had the team poised to begin the turn around in the summer of 2014. Any new GM would have loved walking into that situation. Well any new GM that could talk about things other than meat and potatoes, scrums, culture, and high end intangibles.
Ah yes, the team was freaking great coming off sixth last and trending downwards. Where do “fans” come up with this stuff?
Gillis only looked bad because of the owners influence.If Gillis had his way we would have started the rebuild in 2013. The Luongo/Schneider debacle is way overblown.
When did Gillis become Mother Theresa? I heard fans yelling “fire Gillis” at the end of 2013-2014 season. They were right. It was time for him to go. Don’t let the door hit you on your way out, Gillis lover.
Kevin Bieksa clearly lost faith in this team and new management. Just a year ago he said he’d go down with to ship.
Now Kevin Bieksa is apparently against the cause. He hates the Canucks just like these fans hate Jim Benning. He has agreed with the “smart ones”. When did opinion become fact like this? Maybe he agreed to be traded because it was the right thing to do? He was the worst defenseman last year on ice, and it wasn’t even close. No amount of advanced statistics could say otherwise.
I’m sad he’s gone but I’m glad he’s out of this mickey mouse organization. I always thought the criticism of Bieksa was unfair. Yes he had holes in his game and struggled after that sliced tendon injury but that guy was the most warrior heart and soul player I’ve ever seen on the Canucks. The guy bleed Canucks blue and was one of the very few homegrown players to develop into a top NHL player in my time watching the Canucks (since about ’01) which is both sad and beautiful. I hope the Ducks win next year not only for Bieksa but because that is such an unbelievably well managed team. Their scouting, cap management and blend of youth and experience is reminiscent of the Red Wings. They’re going to be an elite team for years with how that team has been built.

It’s clear he wants to be on a winner and doesn’t think much of this management group.

Guess what this “loyal fan” has as a username? “FacepalmBenning”.
It doesn’t get better than that.
What’s the conclusion in all of this?
Canucks fans, as a person living in Vancouver who has once been a season ticket holder, annoy me and make me sick. Most pessimistic group and media I have ever seen. Every year they whine for someone to get fired or axed and every season with no cup is a failure.
No one predicted this team to finish as well as they did last year. Fans were generally happy about that until the Calgary series. Then it becomes a game of how Desjardins and Benning all of the sudden suck at their jobs.
I’m so tired of it. We deserve a team on par with the late 2000s era Edmonton Oilers. Seeing as how a fifth place finish in the west is absolutely awful and grounds for the general manager being fired. Along with his offseason moves that HAVE YET TO PLAY A SINGLE GAME IN A CANUCKS UNIFORM.
These posters should have their Canuck fan titles stripped. It’s annoying and embarrassing.

Recapping the Year

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Having free time never felt so good.

I have been away for a while, busy with other things. I apologize to my readers.

Therefore what was there to recap while I was away? Quite a bit.

Let me start off by saying that the UFC yesterday was awesome. Truly one of the best UFC events I have seen in a long time which says a lot.

Love him or hate him, Conor McGregor is on his way to being a big marketing draw for sir Dana White and the UFC. People who are on both sides of the spectrum will tune in to watch him fight. Although Mendes was a challenge and took the fight on short notice, McGregor won in less than three rounds. Could have, should have, would have for the McGregor haters indeed.

Gunnar Nelson, Thomas Almeida, and Jeremy Stephens. All brilliant performances. Let’s not forget Robbie Lawler who once again beat up British Columbian native Rory MacDonald. Lawler showed the heart of a champion. He is no fraud like people thought. It was a great first title defense from “ruthless” Robbie Lawler.

So while this UFC was awesome and it has been consistent at times, I take to you the next big event that happened this year in sports. The Floyd Mayweather .vs. Manny Pacquiao fight.

I knew Mayweather would win by decision, but the fight sucked. Don’t even get me started. The only people that lost that one are the people who paid 80-90 bucks for the pay per view to watch that fight.

The Seattle Seahawks .vs. New England Patriots super bowl, painful. The Patriots are admittedly my least favourite team in the league while I am a Seahawks fan. But hey, the Seahawks didn’t really deserve to win against the Green Bay Packers a few weeks earlier in the NFC championship game. They got lucky. But then again, neither did the cheating Patriots against the Baltimore Ravens after Bill Belichea…I mean Belichick pulled off another trick in the beg with his inelligible receiver on the field. Another ring for the scum sucking Patriots means another loss for the league. That last play in the super bowl will haunt Russell Wilson forever. But he has another shot next year with big Jimmy Graham in the end zone this time with Lynch in the backfield.

The NHL stanley cup finals. The Blackhawks are brilliant. What can I say. My hats off to them. Let’s not forget the Tampa Bay Lightning who have an awesome future ahead of themselves. If they don’t win a stanley cup in the next three years with the core they currently have, I will be shocked. They just ran into the best team in the league unfortunately in the finals. Toews, Kane, Keith. Those three just know how to win.

The Cavaliers losing and the Warriors winning it all in the NBA finals. Classic. Makes up for the Patriots winning the super bowl with deflated Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. There’s no better American tradition then watching “king” (I put that in quotes since he clearly isn’t one) James lose big time at the biggest stage.

He didn’t have any help, wah. Cry me a river. Also, take notes ESPN. It’s about how the Warriors won and not how Lebron lost again. I don’t care how many points he put up, when you take three quarters of your teams shots in every game, you should have over 30 points a game. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Tim Duncan all laugh at you. I’m glad Curry won a ring, what a competitor he is and MVP season he had to go with his championship win.

Let’s also give a toast to Dustin Johnson’s US open choke. That made me feel bad for him and I am not the biggest fan of his. I’d buy him a beer if I ever saw him. That was hard to watch. Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll had to have grinned at that final hole choke job.

And Serena Williams is murdering every female tennis player. Could she be the first to win all majors in a year since Steffi Graf did it in the late 80s? I think so, without a doubt. No one is stopping her.

Great year indeed for sports, all things considered.

Everyone Eventually Falls



This has been on my mind for a while.

I constantly see people (mostly Detroit Red Wings fans) getting upset or in an uproar over Ken Holland’s moves or lack of production lately. The same can be said for general manager Lou Lamoriello in New Jersey. They haven’t seen the playoffs in a few years. At least Detroit has. As an eighth seed.

The case here is that everyone eventually goes down. It does not matter who you are or what you do. Everyone has to fall.

Ken Holland made Detroit years ago the place every top free agent wanted to play in a cap-less environment. They were like Chicago and Los Angeles are now. Even after the cap was put in around the 2005 lockout, they were still a powerhouse. Pavel Datsyuk was chosen in what round? Oh yeah, around the sixth round. Henrik Zetterberg was a seventh round pick. If you ask me those are probably the two best ever sixth and seventh round picks you will ever see.

Since then though the game has changed. His players have gotten older. Detroit is simply not the powerhouse it used to be and he’s clinging on to Zetterberg and Datsyuk really. Along with coach Babcock. I would say the move that crippled Holland’s team the most was Lidstrom retiring. He still had a few years left in him. They were around a fifth place team in the west with him there. Now they would be lucky to even be in eighth in the eastern conference. A player like Lidstrom is simply irreplaceable. Picture the Los Angeles Kings without Drew Doughty in the playoffs or Chicago without Duncan Keith. They would lose that fire on the blue line. It doesn’t matter who plays up front when you lose an anchor like that.

The same can be said for Lou Lamoriello. He was the best general manager in hockey in the late 90s along with Ken Holland. Brian Burke once claimed the Devils were the most well run organization in hockey. Now look at them. They cling on to more past their prime players than the Detroit Red Wings do. They passed the torch to Los Angeles and Chicago as well. They have no prospect pool or depth to speak of and the only thing going for them is getting Cory Schneider. I will admit as a Vancouver fan that that guy can play his ass off in net. He will be a top five goalie in the league soon enough. Getting rid of him was hard to take. But outside of him their roster is puke worthy.

This all shows no one stays on top forever. Coaches come and go and so do general managers. In ten years from now we may be complaining about Peter Chiarelli (Boston’s general manager) hanging on to past their prime players.

Is Cleveland the Most Dominant Sports City Now?

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After hearing the news that the king Lebron James was returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers I immediately asked myself if Cleveland is the best sports city in North America and the real city of champions now.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were already building a dynasty with Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Anthony Bennett, and Andrew Wiggins added to their roster with a solid coach. Now with Lebron James and Kevin Love coming on the way, look out. These guys will be a lock for the championship.

Not only will Cleveland be like the Chicago Bulls of the 90s were, the Cleveland Browns look like a dynasty too (at least according to their fans). Their defense is already the best in the league (again, according to Cleveland-ers) and they just added 100-1 MVP favourite Johnny football Manziel to take control and win games. I wouldn’t want to face them. Good luck to the AFC North.

And to top it off Columbus signed good locker room guy Brandon Dubinsky to a 40 million dollar contract. Oh wait, that isn’t Cleveland and no one cares about hockey.

And I’m also trolling my ass off. Still a good move by Lebron to go back to Cleveland and try and bring them a championship after screwing them so hard in 2010.

Not one. Not two.

Don Mattingly Admits the Dodgers Suck

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Poor choice of words for a headline, but according to LA Times Don Mattingly claimed after another Dodgers loss that:

“Basically, we’re sh**ty,” Mattingly said. “We’re just not that good . . . Home, away, whatever. I don’t know what that has to do with it . . . I really think you should talk to [the players]. I’m tired of answering the questions, honestly.”

The truth hurts. I’m hardly much of a baseball fan but the Dodgers are my favourite team and have been for a while. Never have I seen a franchise spend so much money on their roster only to get “shit” in return.

You would think last year they should have won the world series quite easily with their roster on paper and the way they performed. Instead they shit the bed against the Cardinals.

This year they are on the same track, they might not even make the postseason (they probably won’t, actually).

Whichever sole person has the most money invested into the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise should be disgusted and ashamed. How do you put in 200 million dollars each year on the roster alone and get crap in return? I wish I could do that and sleep well at night.

The Los Angeles Kings probably pay 1/10th of that for their roster yet Los Angeles natives could care less about that franchise. Yeah, that franchise that has been to the stanley cup finals twice in three years as well as the conference final the other year.


Predicting the 2014 World Cup



Well, here goes nothing.

Above outlines my full bracket predictions.

Anything can happen and most likely I won’t get 100 percent. There are some big and interesting questions.

Colombia I would have chosen as the clear cut favourite in the easy Group C but now Radamel Falcao is out of the squad. This is the best national Colombia football team perhaps ever with Falcao. They beat Belgium (a tough squad) 2-0 in a friendly. Now that group could be anyone’s to take. I still think Colombia should advance as they are simply better than Greece and Japan. However, Ivory Coast now should be the favourites to take that weak group.

Mexico is always tough and could be the runner up in group A. I still say Croatia is the runner up to Brazil (the clear cut favourite in this tournament who have been destroying other teams in friendlies lately).

Spain is not the force they were in 2010 but I still think they can make some noise. I’ll take the safe bet and say they make it far. It will be very tough for them to repeat though especially if they have to face Brazil in their home country in the finals. They got smoked in the confederation cup final back in 2013 to Brazil with full rosters.

Group G as a German is what interests me most. There should be zero chance Germany and Portugal go out in the group stages but USA and Ghana are both very tough squads. Expect close standings in that group at the end of the group stage. I wouldn’t be shocked if USA or Ghana were to advance. Germany and Portugal just seem tougher.

Group D is also the second toughest group in the world cup. Uruguay, England, and Italy all should be teams that easily advance. Unfortunately for England I don’t think they are a better team or squad than both Italy or Uruguay. There’s a very small chance Italy does not advance especially after the horrid performance last world cup. They played well in both the last Euro cup in 2012 and confederations cup in 2013. Uruguay with Suarez and Cavani leading the way should play as well as they did in 2010 as well. But don’t stare if England were to advance. I’m just not calling it in that group.

Both Belgium and Argentina should easily win their respective groups and advance. Their groups are so easy that I think they will get exposed by better teams in the second or third rounds. Portugal if they were to advance and have to play them would in my opinion beat both.

All signs point to either Germany or Brazil taking it. I will go with Brazil due to the killing machine they have been epitomizing lately.

Look forward to a few…or a lot of upsets in this world cup. It should be another dandy.

Sam Bennett’s Failed Pullup is Embarrassing

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Never would I say I could workout harder than an athlete in a gym or the weight room but this has to be one of two exceptions I’ve seen. The second being MMA fighter Tim Sylvia’s recent workout video.

I was watching TSN Sportscentre yesterday night and my eyes opened wide when the analysts were talking about how this top five (maybe even three) ranked prospect Sam Bennett from the OHL could not do one pullup. They even showed the video (which I could not find) and it was cringeworthy. Sorry, Sam.

Sports enthusiasts were quick to use the Kevin Durant combine example where he could not bench press 185 pounds. That is a bad argument as one would think benching 185 pounds at a height of 6’9 with long arms would be infinitely harder than a single pullup. Not being able to do a single pullup shows a lack of back strength or work being put in the gym quite frankly.

Someone said it best where you can teach a pullup but you can’t teach a saucer pass, a laser wrist shot, or to skate well. That is true. However in today’s NHL where the big boys dominate the league such as the LA Kings and Boston Bruins, two physical teams with most players being over 200 lbs, this guy will get exposed. A team that wants to model to play those two teams will not be interested at all in this kid unless he starts putting serious work in the gym.

How is he going to win the battles on the boards or throw people around when he can’t do one pullup?

My grandpa probably could.

Here’s his highlight below which shows he has skills but with the direction the NHL is being taken with big bodied teams dominating the postseason, he might not be able to make some noise.

Get in the gym Sam.