Rousimar Palhares is the Most Unfairly Vilified Man in Mixed Martial Arts

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My goodness. This sounds familiar.

Welterweight and newly crowned World Series of Fighting champion Rousimar Palhares won in spectacular fashion once again over tough opponent Jake Shields.

What ensues after his win?

Whining from the masses and fans making a million excuses about how he held on to a submission to long. Not to forget, “he eye gouged Shields”.

Wah. Cry me a river, MMA fans. The man is clearly talented, takes no finishers, and fights to win.

He should be in the Ultimate Fighting Championship kicking ass, but was unfairly thrown out for beating up Mike Pierce too badly.

In case you don’t remember, Palhares was again vilified for beating the crap out of Mike Pierce in 30 seconds via submission leglock and the fans (including UFC president Dana White) whined about how he held onto the hold for too long.

Little do people remember, Mike Pierce was running his mouth before the fight. Something about how Brazil welterweights aren’t good? Cry me a river buddy. You got your ass handed to you by one of the best. Don’t get me started on how Mike Pierce is also one of the most boring fighters I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Jake Shields also threatened to take a limb or two against Palhares this Saturday. Another guy to join the team.

Now there’s talk about Palhares being stripped of the WSOF belt he rightfully earned and his win bonus being withheld.

This is an unfair witch hunt of one of the best welterweights in MMA. When he retires, we will be wondering “what if”. This guy absolutely could give UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler a run for his money.

I give a salute to Palhares for shit kicking Jake Shields and Mike Pierce. We have enough of these boring fighters ruining the sport.

In case you want to see the video, here it is below. You decide if he held on too long. In my humble opinion, he did not.


A Nice Day for MMA: Ronda Rousey Makes Quick Work of Bethe Correira


Well, another win for Ronda Rousey and another quick one. This time instead of the armbar, she knocked out her opponent Bethe Correira at UFC 190 in Brazil.

In the old timers division, Shogun Rua beat Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (Lil Nog) via unanimous decision. They had a good fight in 2005 while in PRIDE FC, not sure if they duked it out with canes tonight.

And then of course Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (Big Nog) lost to Stefan Struve via unanimous decision to make the few PRIDE FC fans left weep as hard as they did when Ultimate Fighter bad boy and bed wetter Chris Leben knocked out Wanderlei Silva in 33 seconds.

Yes, another UFC goes down in the books.

There was also the Diaz brothers fighting UFC lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov in the crowd at WSOF 22 (which also took place tonight).

Stay classy guys. You’re great ambassadors for such a sport.

At least the MMA gods looked down on their trailer trash antics when fellow trainee and buddy Jake Shields lost via submission (kimura) to Rousimar Palhares in the main event.

Speaking of which, that is a guy who should be fighting in the welterweight division in the UFC and was wrongfully released for kicking Mike Pierce’s ass too badly. He can actually finish fights, unlike funky Ben Askren (another welterweight who has failed to get a UFC contract).

A solid night for MMA indeed.

Jon Jones is Hilarious



There’s even more funny pictures that were taken from his Instagram/Twitter accounts where he bashed random trolls and people.

People hate on the guy for the little-ist reasons so this makes me like him even more. I always knew the good religious guy who fights like an animal in the octagon had a nasty streak to him.

He fights Dan Cormier in September I believe. That will be his toughest challenge to date. I will say if he wins he may be up there with Chuck Liddell as one of the greatest light heavyweight champions in UFC history. No question about it, the man is talented. So is Cormier.

Women MMA Is UFC’s Biggest Attraction These Days

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I hate to admit it, but it seems women mixed martial arts is the UFC’s biggest market and attraction these days.

Ronda Rousey has become the UFC’s biggest star due to her antics and way of finishing fights. She gets it done when she goes in there. None of this boring lay and pray homoerotic stuff or low level stand and jab boxing that most of these UFC male champions do.

After signing the tough Holly Holm (a former boxing champion from Invicta), Dana White has set his sights on Gina Carano according to ESPN:

“One down, one to go,” White said. “I’m going to meet with Gina next week and get that f—ing thing done. Next week, man.

“It’s just a matter of me and Lorenzo going to jump on a plane to Los Angeles, get in a room with her and her lawyer and get this thing done.”

Right, that doesn’t sound dirty at all. Who doesn’t want to jump on a plane, get in a room with her and her lawyer?

Carano is already a big name and downright gorgeous. The men love tuning in to watch her fight. She fought on CBS a few times back in the days EliteXC was still around with Kimbo Slice and people knew who she was.

With some solid marketing expect a lot to tune in to watch Rousey fight both Holly Holm and Gina Carano.

Again, more than Mighty Mouse Johnson or Chris Weidman who no one would care to watch fight except their ten fans. It shows why Dana White is hyping up Ronda Rousey storylines left, right, and center.

Diego Sanchez .vs. Ross Pearson Worst Decision of 2014

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Of course Diego Sanchez once again grabbed one of the worst decisions of all time (just like his Kampmann and Gomi wins, especially the Gomi win).

He lost 30-27 clearly from what I saw. Outstriked and rocked every round.

What do you have to do to beat this guy by decision? Pay the judges more than he possibly pays?

Good lord. First Leonard Garcia and Benson Henderson and now Sanchez seems to be best buddies with the judges.

Rustam Khabilov May Be a Good Bet



On Saturday rising lightweight prospect and Sambo guru from Russia Rustam Khabilov (17-1) will square off with the always tough Ben Henderson on Fox Sports 1.

I recently checked out the odds out of curiosity on Pinnacle Sports (a standard and popular sports bookie) and was quite shocked that Khabilov would be a 3 to 1 underdog.


The general consensus is that he is on the rise and he is tough. Benson Henderson is for sure always tough and a handful who has only lost to Anthony Pettis lately (once in WEC a few years back and the UFC lightweight title not too long ago).

However, has he faced anyone of Khabilov’s potential and skillset lately?

Not exactly. I predicted him to beat Thomson, Melendez, Diaz who all don’t possess the great wrestling/sambo skillset that Khabilov carries with him.

Least we not forget Khabilov is cornered by the best MMA trainer and camp in the world Jackson’s MMA who will add the gameplan to his already high skillset to make it extra tough on Henderson.

10 bucks to get 30 back if Khabilov wins does not seem like a risky investment at all. I think he could get the decision in a five round fight.

I think Diego Sanchez is past his prime and deserves to be a 2 to 1 underdog against Pearson. But don’t be surprised if he pulls off the upset as well.

Jon Jones Being Called a “Coward”


Recently there have been rumblings that Jon Jones is a coward due to the fact his new contract talks have been stalling.

Typical Dana White tactic.

Jon Jones is 20-1 and his only loss was where he kicked Matt Hamill’s ass so badly that they had to disqualify him. I highly doubt he is scared of anyone.

In fact, the person he was lined up to be facing in a few months Alexander Gustafsson is someone he beat before. In a close fight nonetheless but he clearly deserved the nod.

I think Daniel Cormier may have the style to beat Jones as he is strong as hell, has great standup, and is just an all around bad matchup. Do I think Jones fears him due to his stalled contract talks? No. Would the general public pay the 60 dollar fee to watch that one? You’re damn right, which is why they are marketing the feud already.

And no, he’s not afraid of someone he beat.

Sign the contract, Bones.