Rousimar Palhares is the Most Unfairly Vilified Man in Mixed Martial Arts

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My goodness. This sounds familiar.

Welterweight and newly crowned World Series of Fighting champion Rousimar Palhares won in spectacular fashion once again over tough opponent Jake Shields.

What ensues after his win?

Whining from the masses and fans making a million excuses about how he held on to a submission to long. Not to forget, “he eye gouged Shields”.

Wah. Cry me a river, MMA fans. The man is clearly talented, takes no finishers, and fights to win.

He should be in the Ultimate Fighting Championship kicking ass, but was unfairly thrown out for beating up Mike Pierce too badly.

In case you don’t remember, Palhares was again vilified for beating the crap out of Mike Pierce in 30 seconds via submission leglock and the fans (including UFC president Dana White) whined about how he held onto the hold for too long.

Little do people remember, Mike Pierce was running his mouth before the fight. Something about how Brazil welterweights aren’t good? Cry me a river buddy. You got your ass handed to you by one of the best. Don’t get me started on how Mike Pierce is also one of the most boring fighters I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Jake Shields also threatened to take a limb or two against Palhares this Saturday. Another guy to join the team.

Now there’s talk about Palhares being stripped of the WSOF belt he rightfully earned and his win bonus being withheld.

This is an unfair witch hunt of one of the best welterweights in MMA. When he retires, we will be wondering “what if”. This guy absolutely could give UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler a run for his money.

I give a salute to Palhares for shit kicking Jake Shields and Mike Pierce. We have enough of these boring fighters ruining the sport.

In case you want to see the video, here it is below. You decide if he held on too long. In my humble opinion, he did not.


Real Madrid and Barcelona Are Taking Everyone

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I heard the news about Real Madrid signing James Rodriguez and Barcelona getting Luis Suarez from Liverpool.

When does it end?

Now Real Madrid wants Radamel Falcao from Monaco FC.

Enough is enough. The team is stacked to shit already. This is one of the reasons I sometimes don’t like club soccer. Why do all the good players have to go to Real Madrid or Barcelona? It’s completely unfair. Heck, all of the good German players go from Bayern Munich from Borussia Dortmund.

I’m all for dynasties and good teams like the Los Angeles Kings in the NHL or the Spurs in the NBA but the way those two teams handcuff all of soccer/football’s best talent is completely unfair to other clubs.

Just give one of them the UEFA and/or Spanish primera titles already. Real Madrid already smoked Bayern Munich last year in the semi finals and have since upgraded…