The Hate Richard Sherman Gets is Glorious



The amount of butthurt and faggotry that occurs when discussing Richard Sherman’s talent as a football player in the NFL is simply…amusing. And glorious.

Never have I seen people go to such lengths to discredit one man’s talent.

It’s obvious as to why, the guy is easy to hate. He plays the game hard. He talks trash. And he’s also a proven winner. The last one is enough to get fans of the rest of the teams in the NFL angry.

A lot of what I have seen goes as follows:

1. He’s over rated.

Prove it. He’s won a ring and been in two super bowls. I’m pretty sure he was up there for most interceptions in the league last year while been thrown to very rarely. How does that mean he’s over rated?

2. He covers the number two receiver due to the side of the field he plays on.

Michael Crabtree is the number two receiver on the San Francisco 49ers now? Seeing as that was Sherman’s biggest play of his career…

Then there are comments that Jarius Wright of the Minnesota Vikings burnt him “once” or “twice” in a regular season game after being thrown the ball from Christian Ponder of all people.

Are you freaking kidding me? That’s one play and everyone gets burned. Earl Thomas the league’s best safety was owned by Colin Kaepernick throwing the ball over his head to Anquan Boldin in the NFC championship game. That doesn’t mean we should laugh. Earl Thomas is an incredible talent and would have tipped that ball most of the time.

That particular game against the Vikings was also a blowout. Something like 45-20 if I remember correctly. The fact that Sherman haters are able to dissect that far is simply mindblowing.

As a self-admitted Seahawks fan, the only time I was embarrassed to have Sherman’s back was when he blew his coverage on Roddy White of the Atlanta Falcons in a crucial playoff game a few years ago. That was a moment he should have gotten hated on. Yet people bring up the Wright thing more. Amusing.

I’m glad the NFL Top 100 ranked Sherman unnecessarily high and he also got on the cover of the next Madden game. Just pisses off the haters more and more. I hope he has a big year so people cry some more. Never have I seen one man so hated mainly due to his comments on Michael Crabtree. As if Michael Crabtree is a role model.

Richard Sherman is talented and plays the game hard, point blank.


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